Expository Essay Outline On Why Women Accept To Stay In An Abusive Relationship? | 2021 Guide

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Expository Essay Outline on Why Women Accept to Stay in an Abusive Relationship?


The harsh relationship for women is an unfortunate truth of this world that can never disregard. There are countless women who are constrained to remain in an injurious relationship because of a lot of various reasons.

Women's decision to remain in a damaging relationship is a mind boggling phenomenon. It is an interesting test for the experts likewise to sort out the potential reasons that control a woman to remain in an oppressive relationship. The appearance of a harsh relationship can observer in different forms like mental, physical, or passionate torture that women need to look by their accomplices.

Center is to investigate the reasons that urge women to remain in a damaging relationship.

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Family foundation as gigantic pressing factor is one of the significant reasons that force women to acknowledge the possibility of an injurious relationship.

Normal practices and standards for the most part never acknowledge women's situation as a free individual alluding to social parameters.

Family pressure additionally shows up as kids that in the long run made it hard for women to stop from a harsh relationship.

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Dread of low financial position is another explanation behind women that urge them to acknowledge oppressive relationship independent of the multitude of intricacies and troubles.

In many social orders, women are totally subject to their accomplices with regards to meet fundamental financial necessities. Alluding to this point of view, it turns a troublesome endeavor for them to leave the injurious or forced relationship.

Monetary solidness is one of the fundamental requirements in everybody's day-to-day existence. Because of this methodology, more often than not women do not consent to chance their financial situation because of the situation of a damaging relationship.

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A monstrous degree of dread is another conceivable purpose behind women to acknowledge the act of injurious relationship.

Mentally, for the most part women come up with the discernment that it is their destiny and it is essay writing service for them to escape from this bad dream.


Basically, investigation of potential purposes behind women's acceptance to remain in the harsh relationship is a fundamental condition to propose better answers for this continuous issue appropriately.

Social and family pressures are significant impediments that force women to remain into damaging connections paying little mind to many issues.